New construction of pool between Dana Engineering and Academic West excites student body

Rachel Zajac, Contributing Writer

University students can’t stop talking about the new Academic Eastquatic Center to be constructed between Academic West and Dana Engineering. The new pool is going to be open year-round, and its general architecture was inspired by the pool from the summer 2008 Olympics. Leadership on Bucknell Student Government recently reached out to Michael Phelps to see if he would to attend the ribbon cutting ceremony when the facility opens, which is projected to occur in the summer of 2020.

While some people are upset that the space and funding won’t be going to new classrooms and offices, the general sentiment about the construction has been positive.

“At first my parents were pissed when they heard that tuition is going up, but when they found out about this new pool, they agreed it was justified,” Amy Johnson ’21, a first-year whose parents pay full tuition, said. “It’s really going to add a whole new element to the Super Saturday scene here on campus. I live uphill and I hate how everything fun is always going on downtown. I’m hype to have a new attraction uphill.”

Another first year, Sarah Puddles ’21, mentioned the potential academic benefits of the center.

“I heard that the science department is going to be offering a new lab science for non-majors. All the lectures will take place in the pool and the curriculum will just focus on water and stuff,” Puddles said.

“I can’t wait until it’s open, my sorority is going to get some killer underwater footage for our recruitment video next year!” member Gamma Delta Alpha sorority Jessica Natatoria ’20 said.

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