Fraternity brother shotguns beer one last time “for the memories”

Amy Schlussler, Contributing Writer

Fraternity brother, Natey Leight ‘18, had to carry out the most dreaded act of his Bucknell career Wednesday night. Leight, otherwise known as “Gas Pump,” shotgunned a beer for the last time on the steps of his fraternity, Mu Sigma Pu’s, downtown house. “Gas Pump” agreed to share the experience with the Bucknellian

Eight-time “5th Year” feature, Leight, spoke about his last time shotgunning with sheer sorrow in his eyes. “Man, this is what I do! I shotgun, my buddies take a video of it, I get featured on 5th year, and then I do it again the following week. I knew my last time shotgunning a beer would be emotional, but I made the best of it by putting on my most explosive performance yet!” Leight said. The video was later featured on “5th Year,” “Im Shmacked,” and “Barstool Sports.”

“It really was a beautiful moment for all us brothers.  We gathered around Natey, arm in arm, and watched him down it one last time.  Not going to lie, I saw a few of the brothers shed a tear,” Gregory Yachs, member of Mu Sigma Pu, said.

While Leight recognizes his lack of involvement on campus, he remains optimistic about the future. “Although I kind of blew the plan of working for my dad’s company after college by shotgunning a beer one Thursday morning while interning at his company, I have a series of interviews lined up at some local bars,” Leight said. He asked that we advertise his profile and resume at for any recruiters interested in scheduling an interview for potential employment.

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