Bucky’s Declassified School Survival Guide

Tip #2100

The long-awaited Employer Expo has come and gone. Be sure to follow up with all the company representatives you talked to at the fair, and connect with them on LinkedIn. Personal thank-you notes are also appreciated. They also will accept cash, credit, or Dining Dollars. Remember: when it comes to the job search, the ends justify the means.

Tip #2142

The University is hosting a seminar on how to recover from a bad midterm, promising key insights into how you can improve your study habits and maximize your final grade. The answer may surprise you: you can’t.

Tip #2186

According to hiring professionals from the alumni board, the most important factors in a successful interview can be summed up by the five P’s: persistence, patience, panicking, passive-aggressive LinkedIn invitations, and procrastination.

Tip #2298

Disposable cameras are fun, although it does seem wasteful and you don’t ever get to see your pictures. If it’s an important event that you want to remember, I recommend using a real camera.

Tip #2354

We have reached the point in the year when the campus squirrels start becoming territorial. They will hunt you down the minute you acknowledge them. Do not make eye contact with the squirrels or offer them food as a peace offering. Just run and don’t look back.

Tip #2400

Be on the lookout for whoever stole the cardboard cutout of Josh Peck from the Elaine Langone Center. If you find the missing Josh, you will be given a foam finger from Peck himself, because you’re #1.

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