Pack of students spend night in University farm waiting for the Great Pumpkin

Alex Boyer, Staff Writer

The spooky season of Halloween is upon us. For many University students, that means partying, trick-or-treating, and showing off their finest midriff-bearing “costumes.” Others, however, celebrate the less-publicized but equally important tradition of waiting for the Great Pumpkin, a Santa-like figure that delivers presents to all those who believe in it.

The tradition has been made possible by the development of the new University farm, which hosts a glorious, sprawling pumpkin patch. Students have flocked to the field with tents and hand warmers in the hopes of seeing the Great Pumpkin and having all of their wishes come true.

Supporters of the event have stated that the gathering is a wholesome community activity akin to a Thanksgiving dinner or an Easter egg hunt. However, the topic of the Great Pumpkin has sparked some controversy on campus, with many non-believers going out of their way to publicly denounce the pumpkin-based faith.

“You blockheads, the Great Pumpkin doesn’t exist! Stop this nonsense!” yelled a member of a church group, which swears off the Great Pumpkin in favor of their own fictional holiday character, Santa Claus.

The Bucknellian has attempted to interview these pumpkin-smattered students, but their most passionate member, Linus van Smelt ’22, refused all public comment.

“There are three things I have learned never to discuss with people: religion, politics, and the Great Pumpkin,” van Smelt said.

Despite public backlash, the farm-camping is expected to continue for this upcoming Halloween. All who are willing to put their hope in the Great Pumpkin’s arrival are invited to join.

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