Spooktober Bucket List

Kathleen McGivern, Contributing Writer

While Halloween may have come and gone, that doesn’t mean we have to say goodbye to the season of Spooktober just yet. The Bucknellian has compiled the ultimate bucket list for the perfect fall day at the University. Take some time to run through our Spooktober checklist and see how many you are able to do this semester.

1.) Unapologetically call October “Spooktober” during every conversation.

2.) Go pumpkin picking and decorate your floor with fall colors.

3.) Look at the fall foliage.

4.) Take several different Instagram photos before publicly commenting on how pretty the fall foliage looks.

5.) Go on a haunted hayride and realize it’s not as scary as your schedule for next semester.

6.) Dress up as a vampire.

7.) Dress up in a sports jersey while dressed up as a vampire.

8.) Unapologetically call the weekend of Halloween “Halloweekend” during every conversation.

9.) Question whether Halloweekend was the weekend before Halloween or after, and fight everyone who disagrees with you.

10.) Remember that Christmas music exists and play 10-hour loops of your favorite holiday playlists.

11.) Get yelled at by strangers for playing Christmas music.

12.) Unapologetically use the word “spooky” out of context.

13.) Talk about how much you miss trick-or-treating without admitting you went to downtown Lewisburg with a bucket full of Kit-Kats and Snickers.

14.) Watch a horror movie, forget how easily scared you get .

15.) Write a comprehensive list of reasons why you love the fall.

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