Halloween cancelled as University students find themselves unable to collectively decide which weekend to celebrate

Kathleen McGivern, Staff Writer

In the weeks leading up to Halloween, University students argued passionately amongst themselves about which weekend to collectively celebrate Halloween. After several unproductive debates and no decisive winner, the University announced the official cancellation of Halloween.

As the community knows, weekends in Lewisburg feature constant celebrations, including supers and exciting downtown nightlife. However, the weekend of Halloween, referred to affectionately by students as Halloweekend, is consistently popular and rises above the rest. With Halloween falling on a Wednesday this year, students found themselves torn between celebrating the weekend before Halloween or the weekend after, leading to intense fights between friends and classmates.

“I kicked my roommate out of our double when I heard she was hosting a costume party pregame the weekend before Halloween,” Claire Scares ’21 said. “There’s only room for one spooky pregame on this floor, and it’s gonna happen the weekend after.”

Those who believed in celebrating two straight Halloweekends found themselves unable to come up with costumes for both weekends. Frantic students texted one another, posted in class Facebook pages, and, realizing that a double Halloweekend was impossible, asked their peers when the school was collectively celebrating. According to officials, there has been no consensus between student and Greek organizations. Students were left in the dark and no executive decision was made to settle the Halloweekend crisis.

“These are real issues that we can’t sweep under the rug by the bucket of candy for trick-or-treaters,” Bella Cruella ’19 said. “How can we just ignore Halloween?”

With the heavy rainfall that occurred on Oct. 27 and the majority decision that students were opposed to celebrating Halloween in November, Halloweekend was cancelled. Students retired their devil horns, sports jerseys, and other costumes in the hopes that Halloweekend might return in 2019.

In other news, Thanksgiving Weekend will be celebrated this Friday.

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