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Notorious picky-eater creates exclusive “Tendies & Kraft Mac” meal plan

Lewis Rizzoli, Contributing Writer

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University Dining announced the arrival of a newly-formed meal plan last week. The “Tendies & Kraft Mac” meal option is available for all first-year students and was initiated to encourage the more fastidious eaters to actually have meals in the Bostwick Marketplace.

This meal plan was introduced by Todd McSworely ’22 of Larchmont, N.Y. McSworely was taken aback by the healthy and diverse options that the cafeteria offers first-years. According to his mother, McSworely, a “notorious picky eater,” was dissuaded by the lack of bland, high-sodium, high-cholesterol, boxed foods that he loved in his youth.

Todd was disgusted by all the colors and variety in the food offered by the cafeteria.

“I haven’t eaten a green food, fruit, or vegetable since ’06,” McSworely said proudly.

McSworely did not plan on changing his ways in college and that is when his parents, Maximillian and Bethany McSworely, got in touch with the University administration. The McSworely’s stated that their son was malnourished due to the lack of unhealthy options in Bostwick.

In response, the University has decided to move the salad bar to the back left corner of Bostwick and put the new “Processed Food Station” (PFS) in its place. The PFS will carry some of the best brand-name food on the market. Some of these include: Annie’s Mac and Cheese, Kraft, Chef Boyardee, Pop-Tarts, Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup, and Tyson chicken nuggets.

Some of the weekly specials will include Microwave Monday, Tyson Tuesday, Wack Factory Food Wednesday, Thoroughly Processed Thursday, and Finger Friday. Bostwick representatives have stated that every flavor of Annie’s will be available daily. My inner 7-year-old is quite excited.

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Notorious picky-eater creates exclusive “Tendies & Kraft Mac” meal plan