Abroad in the Burg: Returning Study Abroad students disappointed by Flyson nacho tots

Amy Schlussler, Contributing Writer

After returning from a semester abroad filled with rigorous class work, Julie Journey ’20 and Tracy Tripp ’20 expressed their concerns about being back on campus. Journey, who spent her fall semester studying on la playa in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and Tripp, who is now looking to legally change her last name to “O’Tripp” after being spiritually moved by a semester in Northern Ireland, have found the adjustment back to the Lewisburg lifestyle more difficult than expected.

Initially, the girls were eager to get back to St. Catharine Street for a nice change of pace from their four months of international clubbing. After a few hours of rekindling old friendships and catching up with other friends who had studied abroad, it was time to feast on some of the University’s finest cuisine.

“We were excited to get back to the Flyson,” Journey said. “The possibilities are endless, from smashed-up Doritos smothered in Tostitos salsa to chicken served between two golden Eggo waffles that’ll give you severe heartburn.”

Journey and Tripp chose their go-to option of Nacho Tots, for old times’ sake. The 45 agonizing minutes of waiting in subfreezing temperatures were certainly not missed. After Instagramming their tots with the Flyson in the background, along with a well-thought-out caption (“Good to be back”) and the tag @foodintheair, both girls were let down with the number of “likes” that their photos received. It just didn’t seem to compare to their posts of croissants beneath the Eiffel Tower, gelato by the Colosseum, or cheese fondue in front of the Swiss Alps.

“As many people probably know, I lived in Mexico last semester,” Journey said. “Before you ask, yes. It was the best four months of my life and yes, I am incredibly cultured now. But, these Nacho Tots just don’t taste like they once did, probably because I spent the majority of last semester eating authentic Mexican nachos poolside.”

Tripp expressed similar feelings for the Flyson’s signature dish.

“Since I was basically living in the potato capital of the world, it’s really hard for me to pretend like these can even come close to the quality of potatoes in Northern Ireland,” Tripp said.

The two girls are now looking for other study abroad students to join their new club, which aims to convince the University to import authentic foods across borders and overseas, improving the flavor of Flyson snacks. Their argument is that with international ingredients, all students will be able to gain the culinary experience that comes with studying abroad.

If you find yourself interested in making a difference on campus with Tripp and Journey, more information can be found at www.facebook.com/abroadneverdies.

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