Letter to the Editor: Bravman supports sorority decision

To the editor:

In last week’s issue of The Bucknellian, the presidents of the seven sororities on campus made a strong statement against misogyny and sexism, and I commend their decision to do so. As part of this decision, our sororities will no longer support or attend events whose theme objectifies women. Theme parties or any activities that degrade women and perpetuate divisions amongst us have no place at the University. I believe our sororities’ decision is a powerful positive step for the strength and integrity of our Greek-letter system, and reflects a value shared across the University that we will treat everyone with respect and dignity.

Last fall, I appointed a task force of faculty and staff to conduct a thorough assessment of our campus climate and all related data, and to recommend to me whatever steps they believe can ensure that we are supporting and encouraging the most positive university experience for our students. I am looking forward to receiving their initial report in May, and am grateful for the hard work they have given to this substantive review. Our sorority presidents’ decision is an important step forward in the continuing goal we all share to foster a campus climate as special as the individuals who make up our community.

A sincere thanks to these young women for their leadership, and to all those who have given their support to this meaningful action.

John Bravman
President of Bucknell University

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