Extreme weather alert deleted by most of campus, mistaken for Message Center Digest

Lewis Rizzoli, Staff Writer

Every University student understands the grievances caused by Message Center Digest emails. Initially, you are hopeful that your package from Amazon has arrived, or your professor responded to clarify your homework questions, or that the notification came from virtually any other useful source that would email your school Gmail account. Everyone understands the letdown of the email coming from the Message Center Digest. You do not read it. You automatically delete it and proceed with your night with the disappointment of not having your Amazon package or relevant work assignment. To make matters worse, you are actually quite ticked off at this past-midnight disturbance.


The University sent an email warning of extreme ice on Jan. 30, which all students thought was another Message Center Digest. Following its normal pattern, the student body deleted this email without a second thought. Several students are now recognizing the error of their ways.


“A couple weeks back, if I had read the Message Center Digest about digging your car out before the snow froze, I wouldn’t have contracted frostbite,” Spam Beasley ’21 said.


This outlier is only one of countless Message Center Digest emails that would have been productive had the community taken its advice. Despite this, students stand by their decision to delete the messages every time they appear in their inbox.


“If you want us to pay attention to the important emails, please limit the Message Center Digest,” Sally Williamson ’19 said regarding the communications disaster. “At this point, everything that looks like it goes straight into my trash.”

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