First annual KLARC Fitness Fashion Show to be held this spring


Olivia Braito, Graphics Manager

Graphics by Olivia Braito.

Amy Schlussler, Staff Writer

It has become apparent to students who carve out time for the gym that certain styles of fitness gear are valued above all others at the University. This past Friday, representatives from The Bucknellian made their way down to the Kenneth Langone Athletics & Recreation Center to speak with these gym junkies and get a first-hand look at the latest trends.


After walking through the gym’s intimidating doors, our representatives immediately noticed the sea of Lululemon running pants and tops. These fitness enthusiasts seem to coordinate their athletic sneakers with the rest of their outfits. Our investigative team also noticed an abnormal amount of $50 Hydro Flasks scattered throughout the building. The high volume of Airpods could not go unnoticed, as the few students who weren’t been wearing Airpods clearly felt out of place.


The Bucknellian interviewed some of the University’s most passionate gym-goers for insight into their athletic fashion choices.


Jim Jogger 20 was caught off guard by a Bucknellian representative while flexing in the mirror for his Snapchat story.


“Workout apparel is incredibly important for a productive gym sesh,” Jogger ’20 said. “Functionality and comfort, along with style and elegance, are some of the things I always look for when I’m at Dick’s Sporting Goods.”


The investigative team also spoke with an athletic center employee who has worked at the front desk for nearly 20 years.


“You can tell University students have a lot of pride in the outfits they put together,” Clark Crunch said. “I see over a hundred Apple watches and Fitbits every day, along with an overwhelming amount of mid-calf socks in countless coordinated colors.”


In response to the fashion trends that have taken over the University gym, the KLARC will be holding the first annual Fitness Fashion Show this spring, in which students will be encouraged to come wearing their finest workout gear. The panel of judges will consist of a few of the University’s coaches, along with the Kenneth Langone himself. The winner will receive a designated treadmill of his or her own choice reserved for the semester as well as a $5 voucher for any athleisure pieces at the University bookstore. Sign-ups will be held at the KLARC front desk in the near future.


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