Faculty presentation goes awry after disastrous PowerPoint typo

Bridget Beljan, Senior Writer

Aside from stubbing your toe on the corner of your bed or stepping on a LEGO, there are few things worse than a spelling error that changes the entire meaning of what you were trying to say.


Chemistry Professor Cam Ical gave a talk on his recent research in thermochemistry last Thursday. Students eagerly showed up to earn extra credit points and eat pizza.


Unfortunately for Ical, there was a typo that caused a major distraction at the beginning of the presentation. According to those in attendance, the unit “joules” autocorrected to JUULs throughout his entire PowerPoint, leading to loud outbursts of laughter from the audience.


“I am definitely more of a scientist than a speaker, so when I started to hear laughing from the crowd, it became very hard for me to picture them naked,” Ical said. “Hopefully I was able to get the main points across after the short intermission.”


“Knowing that my chemistry professor knows what a JUUL is making me want to get to know him on a more personal level,” Samantha Pupil ’21 said. “He seemed so far removed from us before, but it’s cool being able to see him as just another person now. A person who has a thing for stoichiometry.”


Professor Ical declined to comment on whether or not he vapes.


“I feel bad for the guy,” an anonymous professor in the audience said. “He had the best intentions, but he really could not manage to regain the audience’s attention after the error first showed up.”


The typo has inspired a group of students to conduct research over the summer, studying the effects of JUUL smoke on mice. With the recent increase in trips to everyone’s favorite local gas station, the results of the experiment could prove useful to many students on campus.

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