Top 5 reasons why your mom is calling you in the middle of your econ lecture


Olivia Braito, Graphics Manager

Graphics by Olivia Braito.

Suzie Anonymous, Contributing Writer


  1. What’s the name of that actor she likes? The one with the fun hair from the “star war” movie?
  2. She ran into Amanda from your middle school soccer team’s mom today at the store. Amanda just got engaged! She was always so nice. You should send her a card.
  3. She found some of “that pot” hidden under your bed among old pizza crusts. No wait, it’s mold. Now it’s a lecture on cleaning up after yourself.
  4. Do you know where her ski pants are? Did you take them to school with you?
  5. The dog ate a raisin, maybe two. He should be okay though. Will update you tomorrow.
  6. Bonus: she just wants to chat. And tell you to wear your retainer. She and your father didn’t pay a fortune for you to have to get another set of braces in a few years, ya know.
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