Student catches fire after walking into Rooke Chapel for the first time

Amy Schlussler, Senior Writer

It can be a complete shock to students when they learn that the building at the University’s entrance is, in fact, a chapel. The University community often mistakes Rooke Chapel for the highly-worshiped South Campus Apartments. Despite the overwhelming number of emails that students receive daily from the Campus Ministry, the chapel still manages to go unnoticed by many students.


As a private liberal arts institution, the University provides support for students of all religions, traditions, and spiritual communities. Unfortunately, many don’t end up making it to the chapel by the end of their academic careers. This past Sunday, however, Sergio Secular ’19 decided to take his first and likely final steps into Rooke Chapel.


“House Party Weekend took place last weekend and my presence was, of course, required,” Secular said. “As an attempt to avoid the horrifying ‘Sunday Scaries’ that were likely to come the next morning, I figured that a trip to Rooke Chapel might mitigate any negative effects from my persistent day-drinking.’”


Secular’s entrance last Sunday morning left him severely emotionally scarred and has made it difficult for him to talk about it with The Bucknellian. Luckily, our representatives were able to speak with a regular worshiper, Cathy Catholic 20, who was in the chapel at the time of the incident.


“I was busy playing my organ as the parishioners were entering for Sunday mass. Among the congregation was Sergio Secular, who I had never seen at the chapel before,” Catholic said. “It was hard to tell exactly what happened, but it seemed like one of the candles fell over and lit his khakis on fire. Luckily, no one was hurt, but my guess is that we won’t be seeing Secular in Rooke Chapel any time soon.”


Our thoughts and prayers go out to Secular as he attempts to recover from his experience.

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