5 “cute” ways of asking your lab partner to Chrysalis

Lewis Rizzoli, Senior Writer

The University will host its 20th annual Chrysalis Ball on April 26, headlined by Sean Kingston. Kingston’s career peaked from 2007-2010 with hit singles like “Beautiful Girls,” “Eenie Meenie,” “Fire Burning,” “Take You There,” “Me Love,” “Letting Go,” and “Beat It.” There is a common theme to all of these songs, some of which have amassed around 300 million views on Youtube, and that theme is relationships. With features from singers like Chris Brown and the Biebs, how could you not think of bringing a crush, fling, or significant other to the concert?


Chrysalis with Kingston is the perfect excuse to turn the lab partner you’ve been crushing on into someone more than just an acquaintance. With this concert, you could explore more than just kinetic energy, if you’re picking up what I’m throwing down. So if you’re looking for a way to ask your partner that’s not weird or random, here are five “cute” ways to ask your lab partner to Chrysalis.


  1. Order a pie from Pizza Phi with pepperoni slices that spell out “Chrysalis.” This is a fool-proof way to ask your partner out. Who doesn’t love pizza? How could they say no?
  2. While they are not looking, write “Chrysalis” on their final lab report in permanent Sharpie marker. This way, they knows you are super serious about taking them.
  3. Write “Chrysalis” on a piece of paper, crunch it up into a ball, and throw it at the back of their head. This is a cute, flirty way of grabbing their attention and getting that yes!
  4. Intentionally burn yourself on a Bunsen burner. When they rush to you and ask if you’re okay, say, “I’d only feel better if you came to Chrysalis with me.” Some might see this as guilt tripping them into coming with you, but honestly, there is no better way to express your feelings.
  5. Send a package of your lab book to the Student Mail Center with “Chrysalis” written on a post-it note. Sign the note, “From your book buddy.”


All of these techniques are surefire ways of getting you a date to see the romantic songbird of our generation.


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