Overachieving senior sprains neck with too many graduation cords


Graphics by Olivia Braito.

Nick DeMarchis, Contributing Writer

In an effort to show off in front of her many friends, Calysta Curtis ’19 suffered a devastating neck strain while walking across the stage to receive her diploma this weekend. She collapsed on stage, only to have a fellow graduate help her regain her composure and the 36 cords that she dropped. Curtis was honored in the yearbook as “Most Involved,” a title she undoubtedly received with great pride.


According to University records, Curtis was involved in over 60 clubs during her four years on campus, including seven clubs she founded herself. These self-started clubs include the Wickens (banned after dissolving the Adirondack chairs in 2018), the Squirrel Watching Club (disbanded after students mysteriously lost the ability to tell the squirrels apart), the Rock-Paper-Scissors Club (banned after matches became too intense, resulting in subtweeting wars and fistfights), the Moustache Club (disbanded after students’ faces became “too scruffy”), and the Lumberjack Club (still active, as anyone on campus who has ever worn a flannel shirt is a member).


Her graduation cords, weighed after the ceremony to be 25 pounds, took an immense toll on her trapezius, which tore during her accident. The Bucknellian visited Curtis at Evangelical Community Hospital, where she had been in the ICU for 12 excruciating hours.


“I just wanted to show off my love for all of my clubs, all 36 of them,” Curtis said. “I didn’t think that I would have to make such a large sacrifice on the happiest day of my life.”


Curtis finishes her academic career at the University with a Palmistry B.A. and a GPA of 2.03. She said she plans on moving to New York City to “do people’s palm readings.”

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