List: Top 10 Best places to cry on campus

Alex Boyer, Senior Writer

If there’s anything that last year taught us (yes, even you, Mackenzie from geology), it is that where you emotionally break down matters. A lot. So we at The Bucknellian have decided to do your homework for you and share the top 10 best places to cry on campus.


  1. The DaVinci Room of the Bertrand Library: There is nothing better than a scheduled crying session.


  1. Your least favorite professor’s office hours: Not because they actually did anything wrong this time, but because you just had a really long day and the barista forgot to put whipped cream on your caffè mocha.


  1. The women’s bathroom on the 2nd floor of Rooke: I’ve gotten many recommendations.


  1. The Rooke greenhouse: You know what they say, the plants know your feelings better than anyone else. It can be relaxing to cry in nature exactly like your ancestors.


  1. That comfy chair, also in Rooke.


  1. Eurovision Song Contest 2019: Okay, this isn’t a place, but the Eurovision Song Contest is a good way to confuse your emotions and lull your shaken soul into a state of both shock and sheer amusement.


  1. Any math class, whatsoever: An oldie but a goodie, math class is one of the best places to cry, whether it’s for novice waterworks or real tear-jerkers. If you cry over your test once it is returned, the grade gets harder to see. Presto!


  1. Squash Courts: As is common knowledge, squash is a fake rich people sport. The Squash court is the best place to cry if you want some privacy and no sign of human life.


  1. The Kinney Natatorium: Turns out, when you’re in water, no one can see your tears. With personal experience, I can say this is a solid 10/10.


And finally, 1: A steamy hot shower, to burn off the sin and reminisce about Saturday night.


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