Caf-crossed lovers

Matt Drescher , Contributing Writer

Imagine with me, if you will

So that I may set the tone,

And weave an enchanted tale

That will make you shift and groan.


It must have been fate that late night

For you see,

He was very close to staying home,

And finishing Stranger Things, season three.


Hark, instead he heard that wild call:

“Breakfast sandwiches! Come one, come all!”

He felt his chest tremble, and shake his knees

Something inside him begged for a double egg and cheese.


Now, however, our tale takes a turn.

For just across campus,

Another young student felt a very similar urge.


She threw on a jacket

To walk up from Vedder

Considering all the ways to make

A late-night pizza even better.


Into Bostwick she strolled

Not quite knowing what to eat

Found a small, round table

And gladly took her seat.


Well, you might not believe me,

But I swear, this is the truth:

Our young lad looked up

And quite nearly spilled his juice.


I’ll spare you the rest

Of this dazzling event

For after one second of eye contact,

These caf-crossed lovers never spoke again.

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