Mulitple students fall ill after an outbreak of senioritis

Amy Schlussler and Korliss Britt, Satire Co-Editor and Satire Writer

The first week of classes brings lengthy syllabi, hopelessly lost freshmen and the outbreak of yet another epidemic. Bucknell Student Health sent out an email to the Class of 2020 announcing that there have been three confirmed cases of senioritis in the last week. The email shared preventative measures that students can take to avoid falling ill. 

While making sure to abide by the laws of HIPAA, The Bucknellian spoke with some of the students who tested positive for senioritis.

“I haven’t had access to my Moodle with the added duo authentication service,” Laura Lazy ’20 said. “Between decorating my dorm room and catching up on Netflix series, I haven’t found the time to configure my settings so that I can log onto my Moodle.” 

The Bucknellian spoke with a physician at Bucknell Student Health, Carrie Care, to hear about her first-hand experience with the cases she has treated and the symptoms that she has come across frequently. 

“Most of the patients we’ve seen have exhibited symptoms such as extreme fatigue, consistent partying, and lack of attendance,” Dr. Care said. “We recommend that students keep their distance from those inflicted with senioritis, seeing that peer pressure is the easiest form of contraction.”

Bucknell Student Health will be open for extended hours while these symptoms persist. If you find yourself or a friend severely unmotivated, seek assistance at Bucknell Student Health immediately.

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