Jay Sean is ‘Down’ to go downtown

Elizabeth Lagerback, Bridget Beljan, Amy Schlussler, Contributing Writer and Co-Satire Editors 

The recent announcement of this year’s Fall Fest performer, Jay Sean, has excited students across campus. In previous years, a highly-acclaimed performer would put on a show-stopping performance, and then quickly make their way to the Hampton Inn just down the road. This year, however, it seems as though history will be made.

Sean released a statement that caught the eyes of University students. Last night, Sean tweeted, “Baby I am down down down down down, to go downtown Lewisburg.”

The Bucknellian reached out to Sean to follow up with him regarding the statement.

“I’ve heard tales far and wide about the escapades that occur on St. Catherine Street on weekend nights,” Sean said. “I also want to hit up Flyson when it’s all over. The nacho tots are supposed to be unparalleled!”

While some students seem to believe Sean is a one- or two-hit wonder, their excitement is still there.

“Yeah, you could say I’m pretty excited. ‘Down’ is a banger,” Michael Jay ’22 said. “What’s that other song he has? ‘Party Like It’s The End of the World’ or something? I’ll probably know it when I hear it.”

“I, for one, thought it was Big Sean coming,” Mia Upton ’20 said, with a look of pleasant surprise. “That changes everything. I wasn’t considering attending earlier, but now if you need me Friday, just know I’ll be at the front of the crowd.”

The Lewisburg community has been getting equally as excited for Sean’s visit. It has been rumored that All Star Bagels  is considering extending their hours to cater to Sean’s dinner schedule.

Nathaniel Light ’21 spoke up about hosting a famous singer in his fraternity house. “The brothers are so excited to welcome him. I think it will be an incredible experience for everyone involved,” Light said. For security reasons, the fraternity that is planning to host Sean will remain undisclosed until after his visit to the school. “I’m excited to hear Jay Sean’s music, but even more excited to hear Jay Sean’s music playing in the frat house, with him standing next to me,” Light said.

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