100 students put their name on email list for club, no one shows up

Elle Satterthwaite, Contributing Writer

The annual club fair brought high volumes of what seemed like eager first-years itching to get involved for the upcoming school year. However, executive club members across the board were incredibly let down by their embarrassingly low turnouts. One club, in particular, sits in the dust, as their attendance was far from what they had hoped for.

Last weekend, the campus Quidditch Club saw an unusual turnout at their inaugural meeting, despite having a record number of first-years sign up at the club fair. Sources told The Bucknellian that nearly 100 first-years signed up for the club, but the first meeting was sparsely attended— with only the club president and a few executive members present.

The situation came as a great shock to some leaders of the club, and even more so a financial burden. The Bucknellian spoke with Gary Potter ’20, treasurer of Quidditch Club, regarding the situation.

“We were dumbfounded to find the overall lack of attendance,” Potter said. “We were so excited to meet our new club members, we managed to completely ignore our budget and order 100 brooms for practice. We now have an extraordinary number of brooms, and are in unimaginable debt.”

Club President Don Weasley ’21 was at a similar loss for words when asked for an explanation at the lack of attendance. 

“Although the meeting was scheduled for the first Friday of the semester, I expected a greater turnout seeing that we bought five kegs of Butterbeer,” Weasley said. 

Weasley went on to say that the club executives were reconvening to find new ways to get members to show up. “We’re in the process of scheduling Quidditch Club mixers in hopes to generate more of a showing,” Weasley said.

If you or a friend enjoy Quidditch, Butterbeer, or meeting people with a similar interest in J.K. Rowling’s novels, email Don Weasley at [email protected]

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