Sushi craze hits campus

Alyssa Endres, Contributing Writer

Amidst the chaos of students arriving for the new school year, another addition has made its way onto campus: sushi.

Despite its convenient accessibility, the sushi has not yet become a staple in students’ diets. “I heard a rumor that the fish are coming from the Susquehanna, but I don’t really believe it,” University junior Sally Manella ’21 said.

Student Sash Imi ’22 commented on her personal distaste to the campus’ new dining option.

“My spicy tuna roll looked almost identical to a fish I saw yesterday in the river. I could have made it myself if I had a fishing pole,” Imi said. 

Another obstacle that has students apprehensive to try the new dining option is the utensils. You can either swallow your pride and use a fork for pure convenience, or use chopsticks and risk making a fool of yourself. But let’s face it, using a fork to eat sushi? Simply embarrassing. 

However, opinions have changed when a new chef was brought in from overseas. With the arrival of such a culinary art onto campus, it only made sense to bring in the world-renowned Japanese sushi chef, Sue Shi, to take on the job. 

Nicknamed, the “Master Roll,” Chef Shi has made students excited about getting to eat sushi on campus with his expertise in the field.

He even offers students with insight and advice. The Bucknellian spoke with Chef Shi to hear what he had to say.

 “As University students, always remember to chopsticks together!”  His words of wisdom have stuck to the students like salmon to sticky rice. 

Students are now raving about the addition of sushi to Bertrand Library, the Bison, and the Commons. With the positive feedback, it is safe to say that Chef Sue Shi is on a roll and here to stay at the University.

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