DOORO: Duo for Doors

Chandler Houldin, Contributing Writer

Student access to University resources, email and dining menus should clearly be under lock and key and many agree that using DUO is worth the extra protection. But shouldn’t your physical possessions be under just as much security? 

Like the spray tan Tiffany showed off at the abbreviated Super last weekend, the technological world that DUO protects isn’t real. Your physical space should be privileged to just as much protection, which is why Card Services and Public Safety have joined forces to purchase and implement DOORO.

In an effort to secure campus building access, the University will begin to require students and faculty alike to double authenticate any use of their BUID for entry via phone app DOORO.

The catalyst for the movement? Dora Handle ’23 left her BUID in Bostwick Marketplace during her Friday night dinner. This simple mistake led to a scary intrusion.

When she got back to her room in Smith Hall at approximately 11:11 p.m., Handle received anything but her wish. Handle found an inebriated sophomore boy, dressed in camo, curled up and seeking protection with her teddy bear.

“I immediately shrieked and got my RA to call PSafe,” Handle said. “It turns out that this guy found my ID and tested it on Vedder, then Smith. I guess he tried Vedder first ’cause, well, my BUID photo is a near mugshot.”

Public Safety took this intrusion seriously and approached Card Services with the concern. Together, the departments concluded that the University needs tightened security on every door. A simple BUID “swipe” is not good enough anymore. 

In order to prevent students from sharing or misusing BUIDs and to ensure proper identity, all students will need to verify their card use when swiping into any building, starting Oct. 1.

“Upperclass students should not be sneaking into first-year residence halls,” Card Services Manager Bud Ida said, “but the reality is that these older students get nostalgic about their first-year halls sometimes.”           

DOORO will require students to authenticate every “swipe” into a building or room entrance. The app also ensures that users are indeed at the proper geographical location so authentication must take place exactly where the swipe is happening.

“Students should download DOORO onto their smart devices as soon as possible,” Public Safety Officer Danny Double said. Nervous of a campus-wide quad sleepover on the night that DOORO takes effect, he stressed, “It’s for our community’s safety and protection.”

Running to your dorm room between classes to change your books? Swipe then authenticate. Having a bathroom emergency at 3 a.m. while you are passing Bertrand’s 24/7 room? Swipe then authenticate. (Tipsily) trying to get back to your room after a long night partying? Swipe then authenticate.

But oh . . . your phone battery is dead? Get used to sleeping in the Student Space.

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