Giant announces raffle for the last case of White Claw

Korliss Britt and Bridget Beljan

Grocery giant Giant has announced that it, too, has been affected by the national White Claw shortage. Since the shortage was announced, students have been driving all over the state to find any remaining cases, though their efforts have been to no avail. 

Thirsting for knowledge, The Bucknellian has looked into this case. 

The manager of Giant’s beer garden reported that they only had one twelve-pack to go. “It’s the last one,” Henry Barn said. “It could be weeks or even months before we receive another supply. The reality is we have no idea. I have come to the conclusion that only fair way to release it to the community is through a raffle.” 

Raffle tickets are going for a fair $15.99 apiece – the price of a single case. Some students are putting everything on the line to participate in the raffle.

“With 20,000 tickets, I should have a decent chance of winning the last case,” Brad Claw ’21 said. “I’m looking into selling my truck. Yeah, that might sound extreme, but I am only planning on drinking half the case. When I win, I’ll sell the rest on the white market, or the black market for White Claws, where I’ll be able to halve my returns.” 

Professors have reportedly banned the discussion during class time, as it has been affecting student academics. Computer Science majors have gotten into particular trouble, attempting to hack the online ticket sales and neglecting their academic responsibilities.  

Other students are trying to maintain their integrity throughout the event. “I just want to be there to cheer on whoever is lucky enough to get a sip,” Logan Seltza ’20 said. “If I were the lucky number, I would hold the can up to a microphone so everyone could enjoy the crisp crack of the opening, followed by the sizzling pops of the bubbles.”

The raffle will take place on Saturday morning, before the next Super. While some may take Seltza’s supportive attitude, the potential for violence remains a valid concern.

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