Top fall break destinations

Nick DeMarchis, Contributing Writer

It’s that time of year again. That time where we all need a way to escape the never-ending cycle here at the University. Luckily, we’re given our very special four days off where we might just have time to make it back home before returning to Lewisburg. What to do with this time off from classes, you ask? Here are the top 10 destinations to help you forget about your ever-mounting course load.


  1. The back corner of the Bison. You know you love it, sitting there alone and downing your chicken tender wrap while you’re “doing work.” Come on, we know you’re watching Netflix back there. 

Graphic by Alex Iannone

  1. Harrisburg. Why? Not sure. Just seems cool maybe?


  1. Antarctica. You can get used to walking to class in -20°F wind chill to impress your friends.


  1. Mount Everest. Because the 7th Street hill isn’t getting any smaller.


  1. The Teaching and Learning Center (TLC). Your GPA is falling, nights are getting later, and you just want to graduate with a 2.0 at this point.


  1. New York City. You want to see a concert, but you have no idea who A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie or Two Friends are.


  1. Stanford. Retracing the steps of our own John Bravman during his 35 years there is a surefire way to climb the University’s corporate ladder.


  1. The Office of Financial Aid. This one requires mass involvement: bring sleeping bags and tents, and camp there until they raise your grants. They can’t stop all of you. 


  1. Area 51. Because of the raid, they know only the most intelligent University students will try to break into a top-secret government facility.


  1. Denali, Alaska. Just hear me out on this one: you can sit on top of the tallest mountain in North America, and let all the worries about your time here just fade into the background. No supers, no Bison (except for real ones), no Caf, and the only thing that you have to worry about is the vast expanse of nature all around you. That, and the grizzly bears.
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