Getting ghosted in October

Nick DeMarchis, Contributing Writer

“Opened  – 1d.” Snapchat’s open arrow next to Alex’s name was the most disheartening thing that Marissa Spookeen ’23 had seen since her rejection from the photography club. 

In the midst of “spooky szn” she sunk into the feeling of loneliness that no one wants to experience during this scary time of year. But, Spookeen was in for an unpleasant surprise when the worst part of getting ghosted in October walked up to her doorstep. Literally.

Spookeen was relaxing in her McDonnell common room, patiently waiting for her Panera to arrive for dinner to end a late-night study session. She checked her phone again. Yep, still left on read. 

As she began to accept that he would not be her boo this year, Spookeen noticed something outside of the door to her room. Looking like someone under a white sheet, she walked up to the door to investigate. She asked the white sheet, “Who are you?”

She quickly learned that while this ghost couldn’t talk. Its sole purpose was to follow her to her classes, social events, and meals to persistently remind her about the fact that she was ghosted by Alex. 

“You know the Snapchat ghost? It’s like that, only it’s 3D and genuinely scary sometimes when I forget it’s there,” Spookeen said. “Honestly, at first it was kind of scary. It’s like seeing Spongebob in 3D for the first time: you’re wondering whether you’ve been reanimated in the world of cartoons. But seeing as he’ll be around for the rest of the month, I have decided to see him as more of a friendly Casper than a bloody Mary.”

So far, The Bucknellian has not heard of any other instances of these “ghosted ghosts” haunting campus. 

When asked whether the ghost had a name, Spookeen wisely said, “No, I don’t want to get too attached because I’m sure he, too, will ghost me once ‘hashtag Spooktober’ is done.”

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