Alumni go to super

Korliss Britt, Contributing Writer

This weekend, University alumni returned to celebrate an age-old tradition of homecoming. Alumni from recent classes reunited with friends and reminisced about their college years. This year, five alumni from the class of ’90 decided to celebrate their reunion by experiencing the timeless University tradition, Super Saturday.

The class of ’90 hobbled down to St. Catharine Street on Saturday, their cups in one hand and canes in another. The alumni attempted to integrate into the student population, walking around and doling out “fist bumps” with their canes.

Halfway into his first beer, one of the alumni decided to sprawl out on the floor in his old downtown house, in desperate need of a nap. Instead of waking the alum, students passed by to observe the distinct tattoo on his left ankle, shriveled with his Greek letters. He was put into a comfortable wheelchair upon his awakening, which gave him the energy to swing his cane to the beat of the music.

“We were all listening to his stories about the ‘good ol’ days’ when he was in the fraternity, and the next thing we knew, he was passed out on the floor,” Sam Beere ’20 said.

Ray Buck ’90 was the designated photographer for the homecoming weekend super. “Back in my day, things were so much simpler. We got the chance for a single grainy photograph that we would develop months later, if we were lucky,” Buck said. “Now, you kids want me to take 100 pictures to find one good enough for your Instant-gram. These new smartphones are like magic.”

Fortunately, not a single member of the class of 1990 had to be hospitalized. They expressed wishes to bring their grandchildren with them next time, so they can prepare them for their futures at the University.

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