The real campus scare this Halloween

Matt Drescher, Contributing Writer

As winter approaches and the early birds stop their singing,

Something much more malevolent stirs in us, unthinking.

Once present, it controls and possesses us to do its bidding

Only to have us pass it along to the next victim, unwitting.


A careful bunch, we sure try to stop it.

We wash and sanitize for any reason.

Some have even tried the fabled “pop-it, lock-it, polka dot-it.”

But, alas, to no avail: It is once again Flu Season.


But ‘twas not the virus we frightened this Halloween,

Our noble warriors tell, 

As they bandage and sticker us with a smile as bright as a bell.

“No,” they said, as a hush fell

Only to be replaced by very faint yells.

“The virus may be the attacker,

But we are really scared of” 

They whispered

“Lewisburg Anti-Vaxxers.”

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