A case of Jack Frost messages

Alyssa Endres, Contributing Writer

With the temperature dropping and the holidays fast approaching, an influx of snow flurries and frost have come and made their presence known on campus. 

A series of messages have been discovered on car windshields in the parking lot by the library. These incidents are repeated in patterns, with each letter on a new car windshield. When viewed all together, they spell out a series of suspicious messages.

They read “Beware!” or “The abominable snowman is coming!”

This is definitely not the work of Frosty the Snowman. This snowy act classifies as a form of vandalism, not doing anything to ease the mind of the drivers whose cars have been written on. 

In some cases, the writing has actually frozen onto the windshield, making it extremely difficult for the driver to see out of, causing an immense safety hazard. 

The victims of the “Jack Frost messages,” as they are now being referred to, are worried and anxious. According to Nick Saint ’20, “This whole experience has been very ice-olating. I feel like I am being watched now and that my belongings are not safe in my car. I want to get this issue sorted out immediately.” 

If not addressed soon, this issue will surely snowball out of control.

Students have alerted campus staff and officials to be wary, and to keep a close eye on their car windshields. After hearing this, they decided to take matters into their own hands. There will now be security cameras set up to try to catch the anonymous Jack Frost messenger.

This is being taken as snow joke on campus. Hopefully, this will be cleared up in time for the students and faculty to enjoy the upcoming holiday season instead of shivering in fear.

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