The hush heard ‘round the Lib

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The hush heard ‘round the Lib

Graphic by Kyle Putt

Graphic by Kyle Putt

Graphic by Kyle Putt

Matt Drescher, Contributing Writer

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All was quiet and all was well

From the crack of dawn, students fell

One by one

Into their books, essays, and labs

Hoping to figure out why they had

No time to think or to breathe

For finals are approaching, and that means no ease.


Suddenly, a cheerful voice carries in the lib

“so this is our library, it’s organized into floors”

And chairs squeaked as pencils dropped

The students turned to what they abhorred.


A tidal wave of hushes rushed out like a hurricane

The student workers had to step in

For if they had not kicked out that tour,

Fight Night would have been held on the library’s first floor.

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