Stay off the Susquehanna, kids!

Sam Ruvolo, Contributing Writer

We are now four weeks into the second semester. Usually, this means screenshots of snow day calculators by hopeful frat boys monopolizing your snap stories, and a guaranteed sea of Canada Goose jackets on the quad shuffling to class like a pack of wealthy penguins. 

This winter, like any other, we were all prepared to see students sledding down the Grove, a significant decrease in parking spots — because it is way too cold to walk up that hill — and a campus-wide increase in alcohol consumption. But, you might be saying to yourself, “I haven’t seen any of that this year. Well, at least not the sledding.” And you would be right, observant reader. 

Perhaps this lack of tradition stems from the impending doom we commonly label “climate change.” This week, Antarctica hit a record high of 65 degrees Fahrenheit. It is no wonder the University campus is lacking a real winter season. Just last week, students were seen outside studying and frolicking on the quad, acting like it is already May. 

Although most students have gotten the message about the recent volatile weather patterns, other, less observant students, are determined to act as if everything is normal. 

Early last Saturday, firefighters rushed to the Susquehanna River in order to save four fifth-year students who fell through the ice, attempting to ice skate on the river’s not-so-frozen surface. Ropes were thrown in their direction and the friends were pulled to shore safely. 

“We play ice hockey every year on the Susqui” Reed Moore Newz ’20 said. “I look forward to it every year. We didn’t even discuss stopping the tradition this year.” 

When The Bucknellian inquired about the students’ methods of testing the ice before embarking on their adventure, one student, Bill Nai ’20 said the following: “Yeah, we all definitely touched the surface to make sure it was frozen. We were just all so excited to skate around without having to wear our jackets, the excitement pulled us right onto the ice.” 

Perhaps it’s true what they say — old habits die hard. The Bucknellian is extremely thankful to the Lewisburg Fire Department and everyone else involved for helping these students during their struggles. We urge you to recycle more, drive less and please, stay off the Susquehanna this winter.

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