Mask on

Alyssa Endres, Contributing Writer

In the uncertain age of COVID-19, masks have become a staple of life. In restaurants and stores, these simple pieces of cloth and fabric have become the required entry ticket.

Especially with few colleges having students return for their fall semester, great precautions are being taken, and masks are required to be worn at all times. The University is no exception.

Some students on campus, however, think that others are taking the precautions a bit too far.

One student stated, “Unpopular opinion, but masks are overrated. People walking around with masks everywhere, even into the bathroom? It’s starting to look like there’s an apocalypse.”

Maybe not quite an apocalypse, but we are still in the midst of a global pandemic.

Another student was asked what they thought about this new way of life on campus. “People who try to eat with masks on? Come on, it’s getting a bit ridiculous. Unless there’s a convenient hole that magically appears through the mask when food comes towards it, you cannot eat through it!”

They continued, “In addition, people sleeping with masks on? At that point, the only thing that is happening is carbon dioxide being redirected into the lungs. That can’t be good or healthy either. It actually probably does the exact opposite of what the masks are intended to do.”

It is notable that this student was also walking around campus with their mask hanging off their ear. Why be safe when you can just look cool, right?

Apparently, the bubble of campus acts as a shield that can protect people from COVID-19 as well, or some students think. I promise all the annoyance of the mask will be worth it when your COVID-19 tests come back negative.

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