Active Minds hosts Mental Health Awareness Week

Sarah Haber, News Content Editor

Active Minds is a national, nonprofit organization founded by Alison Malmon, who chose to devote her time to spreading awareness about mental health after her brother Brian committed suicide. Brian Malmon experienced depression and psychosis for over three years, but hid his suffering from his friends and family; Alison noticed that very few people on her own campus at the University of Pennsylvania discussed issues of mental health. She created Active Minds, Inc. to bring awareness and destigmatize mental health problems.  Since its founding, the organization has expanded to well over 550 campus chapters.

During the week of Oct. 5, The University’s Active Minds club hosted Mental Health Awareness in preparation for the club’s upcoming Spirit Week. Active Minds partnered with various cultural organizations to highlight important issues and their relationship to mental health. The club set up booths to disseminate mental health information, hosted a bracelet-making event and continued having club meetings.

“As a team, Active Minds believes that mental health awareness is extremely important, especially on college campuses. College is such a tough transition period for every student, especially now with the current state of the world. We strive to end the stigma around mental health and make it a topic that can be talked about in any setting,” Diversity and Inclusion Chair Bella D’Ambrosio ’22 said.

On Oct. 1, Active Minds hosted a bracelet-making event where students made bracelets with encouraging messages on them. Active Minds will be giving out the bracelets made at this event to promote awareness about mental health. 

“In a few weeks, we have Spirit Week, which is hosted by Active Minds national to advance our mission: to change the conversation about mental health. Each day is dedicated to one of our five pillars that accomplish change: awareness, education, advocacy, connection and community. We offer a combination of actions that you and your community can take to end the stigma,” D’Ambrosio said.

Students can follow @activeminds_bucknell Instagram to stay updated on upcoming events such as Spirit Week. Active Minds also posts mental health resources, informative material as well as positive and encouraging messages for students.

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