College woman cool with sexism when benefitting her

Liz Whitmer, Satire Co-Editor

When it comes to sexism, Grace Girlboss is always completely, unequivocally opposed, approximately 75 percent of the time. Reporters became increasingly interested in Girlboss’s feminist ideals, as she has become a role model to young girls in the area after sharing that GIF of Nancy Pelosi ripping up Donald Trump’s State of the Union Address with the caption “yassss queen!!!”

After showing off her GRL PWR tattoo to reporters, Girlboss explained that she is a staunch feminist who doesn’t need a man. The only exceptions come when she is tasked with traditionally male tasks, some of which include taking her car for an oil change, carrying a cooler down to the beach, mowing the lawn, paying for dinner, grilling any type of meat and killing a bug. 

When asked about the contradictory nature of her expectations of men, Girlboss became defensive with reporters. “Not a single man is expected to be able to do everything,” she complained. “But if I say the same for myself, I immediately become a worthless, timid child to you.” This outburst came after asking for clarification on whether Girlboss only cries when the check engine light comes on in her car or if the emotion is extended to the presence of the tire pressure warning as well. 

Despite her doubling down on gender roles through a feminist lens, some scholars believe Girlboss’s approach is the start of the next women’s rights movement. Mandy Hater, professor at the University, highlights the fact that Girlboss’s adherence to upholding these traditional roles can act as a form of reparations for women. “Women only make 79 cents to a man’s dollar. Be a part of the revolution and let him buy you the damn drink! Make him pay for dinner. Use him as your personal assistant. He can afford it more than you can.”

Women everywhere are conflicted on this issue, leaving them in an endless cycle of benefitting from the sexism that they kind of sometimes say they’re pretty mad about. At least they can get a free drink at the bar out of it — hopefully sans unwanted drugs.

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