Bucknell celebrates its part in the invention of beer pong

By Michelle Joline

Arts & Life Editor

If you talk to students–college and high school alike–across the United States, they will know some interpretation of the popular drinking game “beer pong.” There has been debate about the origins of the game, formally known as “throw pong,” but believe it or not, “throw pong” was first played here on our campus at the University’s Delta Upsilon Fraternity.

Due to an unfortunate loss of Ping-Pong paddles, the brothers of the Delta Upsilon fraternity invented “Throw Pong” in the 1970s. The story then tells that a Delta Theta Chi fraternity member visiting from Lehigh University brought the drinking game to his own campus. From that point on, beer pong quickly spread to many campuses and became a staple in modern college life.

The University has had some rather significant contributions to society since its founding in 1846, but beer pong takes the upper hand in terms of fame, popularity and cultural significance.

There are still some people from other schools who would like to attribute the creation of beer pong to their campuses, but these pictures dating from the 1970s prove them wrong.


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