Residential Advisors appreciated in eponymous week

Izzi DeSimone, Contributing Writer

This past week was RA Appreciation Week. Resident Advisors are responsible for the oversight of an assigned hall or building. In the role, they are meant to ensure that their residents follow University guidelines and to create a welcoming environment for students. 

Autumn Brown, the Community Director of Roberts, Trax and Kress Halls, and the Gateway Apartments, describes RA Appreciation Week as “a way to put our words into actions of how much we appreciate our Residential Advisors.” 

Every day of the week consists of different events and surprises. 

On Monday, Dean of Students Amy Badal, director of Residential Education Jackie Cetera and all of the Community Directors sent out personalized kudos to all of their staff members. Dean Badal also provided every RA a free drink from Seventh Street Café. On Tuesday staff members played bingo, which consisted of many prizes and all members received a reusable straw. Wednesday consisted of a brunch that was sponsored by the housing office. On Thursday, a thank you video from a variety of departments was sent to staff. Friday holds one final surprise for the RA Staff. 

“We know there are not enough words in the dictionary to say thank you, so RA Appreciation Week is a way to show Residential Advisors in little ways that their hard work doesn’t go unrecognized,” Brown said.

She suggests there are many ways to show appreciation to our RA’s on a daily basis. 

“Just say thank you more. Actions speak louder than words so doing the little things is a great way to show recognition,” Brown said.

Magui Torres ‘22, who has been a Residential Advisor for three years,  says one of her favorite parts about RA Appreciation are Brown’s small acts of kindnesses and Brown’s individual email to her. 

“It is evident that [Autumn] puts her words into action and truly leaves an impact on her Residential Advisors,” Torres said. 

RAs face many challenges and Torres has needed to find a balance between her school work and RA duties which can be very overwhelming. Torres says her favorite part of being an RA is “the community that we are able to create in our halls… The community that we as a staff have created and keep nourishing is just amazing. The RA staff is one of the most diverse groups of students on campus which I truly appreciate.” 

Sophomore Molly Tuthill, who is an RA to first years, has been able to make special connections and is looking forward to her future years of being an RA as well. 

“My favorite part about being an RA is getting to know my Residents and fellow RAs. I have met amazing friends from this opportunity and these friendships will continue long after I am an RA,” Tuthill said. 

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