Bucknell Basketball remains undefeated since Bostwick added protein powder to smoothie

AJ Lawrence, Senior Writer

When sports teams do well, especially after long unlucky streaks, fans tend to wonder how. What is making this team so good?

Is it a new training regimen? Some super secret dietary plan? Have they just grown as a team, strengthening their bonds and polishing their techniques until they’re playing like a well-oiled machine? Well for the Bucknell Bison Basketball teams, the answer is quite simple, but surprising: smoothies.

That’s right, the secret to their improved playing is thanks to the build-your-own smoothie bars located in a multitude of the campus’ dining areas. They offer a variety of healthy ingredients and superfoods that students can choose from to get a smoothie best suited to their tastes. It should be no surprise that most of Bucknell’s athletes regularly flock to the smoothie bars for those delicious boosts of energy, especially after the bars started to offer protein powder as a smoothie add-on.

There’s plenty of debate about the benefits of the supplement, but the athletes of Bucknell seem very in favor of the new, yet quite basic, protein powder in their smoothies due to the unbelievable feats of athleticism they have performed since consuming the protein packed drinks.

Athletes have reported feeling stronger and faster while competing, or even just working out, after having a smoothie with the protein powder added in. From winning more in competitions to beating consecutive personal records, athletes in all of Bucknell’s sports teams have improved with their new smoothie inclusion, in turn boosting their morale and competitive spirit. In their last game, Women’s Basketball center Patricia Baller finished the game with an unprecedented double-double of 30 points and 24 assists.

Her teammate and fellow smoothie lover, shooting guard Sabrina Game, made 27 successful three-pointers in a row, leagues better than her already impressive record. During the most recent men’s basketball game, the crowd was wild, impressed by power forward Jordan Hoops’ lightning quick speed across court and his incredible slam-dunk where he managed to jump clear above the hoop in one go! 

Damien Dribbler, a center for the men’s team, voiced what everyone was thinking when he said, “YOOOO! That was insane! He was like something out of Space Jam, man!”

The miraculous abilities of these athletes are certainly something from out of this world and have made the games much more entertaining. Ticket sales are already increasing as more fans want to witness the next marvelous display, and between these recent events and the increase in fan support, a spark of hope for continued wins across campus has been ignited.

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