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Photo courtesy of Bella Dragone.

Caroline Hendrix, Opinions Editor

As a second semester senior, you’d think I would have explored the whole campus by now. I have had classes in many of the buildings, lectures and seminars in others. But it took me until two weeks ago to finally check out the Campus Theatre. I am appalled that it took me so long to uncover one of Bucknell’s hidden gems. 

My film class, ENFS 130, requires that I go to the Campus Theatre every Monday night of this semester for a screening of a movie which will be the topic of our discussion in class for the rest of that week. January 23 was our first Monday night meeting, where we watched Michael Mann’s “Heat.” Upon entering the theater, I tried to think back to the last time I had watched a movie on a big screen rather than my laptop or television. It had been so long that I couldn’t even pinpoint a date. I walked in and asked where to go. The concessions workers laughed and pointed in both directions. Established in 1941, the theater itself consists only of a single screen. Any door led to the same big room.

The movie itself was spectacular, but I think the theater experience definitely contributed to it. The big screen made it easier to pick up on intricate details that provided context or hinted to a character’s personality or fate. And the turnout was much better than anticipated. The theater has enough seating for a capacity of 340 people. The tickets were free for both students and the public. I was surprised to see that in addition to my classmates and the students from the other ENFS 130 section, there were a good number of couples and friends from the area that came to watch. Hearing other people’s reactions to the twists and turns of the film elevated my experience. 

They have a concessions area upon entrance with all the popcorn and candy you can dream of. This has its caveats. If you want to indulge in a buttery box of popcorn, then this fact may make you reach for your jacket and drag your roommate to the theater for tonight’s screening. But if you are someone like me who cannot concentrate with the sound of someone else chewing in your ear, then this might be the only thing holding you back. My only piece of advice here is to show up closer to start time so you can choose a seat where no one is eating around you. Or else you might end up in my situation, where the moviegoer behind you is munching on popcorn and gum for the entirety of the movie, leaning forward in her seat. 

Besides the chewing fiasco, I cannot recommend the Campus Theatre enough. It brings back the nostalgic memories of going to the movies as a kid, with the excitement of seeing the movie so big and so loud. It also provides a fun indoor activity for the rainy and snowy days we may have ahead of us.

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