"Double Take" Presentation This Weekend

By Michelle Joline

Arts & Life Editor

It seems as though everyone in the campus community is on the edge of his or her seat to see what the controversial Campus Climate Report will lead to in the coming months, but there is positive action currently taking place as students develop a voice for change. The “Double Take Project” dissects the social scene through theatre right from its source: the student body. This project has been in the works for the past few months and has been developed by the Bucknell Theatre department’s Christina Cody ’12. This Sunday, students are in for a treat to hear what their colleagues really have to say.

“I have been conducting interviews from students all across campus and simply listening to all of their stories–positive, negative, hilarious, scary … everything!” Cody said.

There is a lot of anonymity behind the controversial voice of the “Double Take Project,” but maybe people will finally say what everyone’s thinking, shedding some light on campus life. One anonymous student has been quoted for Sunday’s piece, saying, “Coming into Bucknell you know you’re a freshmen, you’re fresh meat, you’re something that hasn’t been cooked yet. I look at Bucknell as a pressure cooker in a lot of ways … you come here as ‘fresh meat,’ and I put that in quotation marks, and then by the time you’re out, you’re good! You’re a good piece of filet mignon ready to be eaten in the real world … right?”

There are sure to be humorous moments throughout Cody’s piece, but at the heart of what she is quoting are the real feelings of our peers. Support the brave students speaking out for or against the social scene that seems to infect all of our lives in the “bubble” by going to Hunt Basement on Sunday, Dec. 4, at 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. This is an intimate setting, so make sure to get there early to guarantee a seat.


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