Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

Two weeks ago, the Bucknellian included an article entitled “University panel presents findings in study of sexual assault on campus.” While reading the continuation of the article on page three, I was struck by a set of photos of sorority recruitment activities on page two. One of those photos in particular does a great deal to highlight the problems posed by the current climate for women, particularly women students, on our campus: a photo of a smiling female student displaying a sign with the words “welcome Chi Omega baby hooters.” I have no idea how many women students at the University either think of themselves as, or aspire to be, “baby hooters.” But the fact that a female student presented this characterization publicly, and appeared to do so proudly, provides an indication of how far we have to go in our efforts to create a healthy campus environment for women on this campus. Notwithstanding the picture on the poster, I do not believe that the operative metaphor had anything to do with owls.

Gary Steiner

John Howard Harris Professor of Philosophy

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