Letter to the Editor: Ann Pysher

Dear Ms. Lace,

After reading another column of “Sleeping Around,” I felt compelled to write with some parental thoughts. Yes, parents of Bucknell students subscribe to “The Bucknellian” and read your newspaper! Your newest column “Sleeping Around” just may be “TMI” for some parents. I realize the college students of today are a far cry from back in the 1980s when I was a college student. I read this column each week and am basically stunned by what I am reading. It is unfortunate in today’s world that hooking up is simply a typical thing to do and sex is no longer an act of love between two consenting adults. The academic standards to be admitted to Bucknell are high, but unfortunately, the moral standards are nonexistent as evidenced by your weekly column. Maybe by the time a college student of today’s society is married, he or she will have reached the triple digit number of sexual partners. Maybe even a sexually transmitted disease will be picked up along the way. That’s something to be proud of along with your degree from Bucknell.

It’s all about having a moral compass and high standards. Apparently that’s not the case for “Sleeping Around.” What a disappointment.  You can do better.

Ann Pysher

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