Letter to the Editor: Pool Pass Project

To the Editor:

Lauren Buckley made an important omission in her article “Education class to fundraise for pool passes.”  The article stated that the project began after the tragic drowning of two children whose parents could not afford pool passes and used the river for recreational purposes. While that might be true, it is also true that the children were sent, unsupervised, to play in the river while parents remained back at the home, at least two blocks away. While it is a tragedy that these children drowned, it should be noted that beyond the issue of using the pool, they were young children allowed to swim alone in the river after their parents had been warned not to let the children “stick a toe” in the sometimes turbulent and rapidly changing waters. The drowning has more to do with parental responsibility and the dangerous Susquehanna than with a lack of pool passes.

William A. Klaus

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