Date parties are fun alternatives to registers

Riley Schwengel


As of now, it can probably be safely assumed that most of the University’s students have attended one or more of its famous “registers,” during which students cram into one of the many frat houses and dance, shoulder to shoulder, to extremely loud music. If you are looking to get down to the latest hits and sweat it out with a bunch of people in a rave-like environment, then the register is the perfect place to do so. Want to dance dirty with a stranger and maybe have one of those random hookups you’ve been hearing about? Great! Head over to the nearest frat hosting a party and get your groove on! But if you’re looking to meet new people, have a conversation with someone or just hangout casually, then the register probably is not the party you are looking for. While these types of parties can be fun and entertaining, after a while they leave one desiring more on Friday or Saturday night.

Throughout my first year, I attended most of the registers that occurred over the year and had a great time dancing and letting loose. However, towards the end of the year the parties got stale for me, and I began to desire real human interaction and to actually talk to my fellow party-goers instead of just dancing next to them. I tried to go to downtown parties, but they were even harder to get into and often just turned into an unofficial register with people packed to the walls. Then, I got to attend a date party and was relieved to find it was a much more social environment. Date parties have a more relaxed feel to them, with the music being played at a more reasonable volume and attendees talking and enjoying each others’ company. I found it was much easier to go up to a stranger and strike up a conversation at the date party than it was at a register, where such an act is an accomplishment to say the least. The only hitch is that you have to bring a date, which can be a hassle to find, but is not impossible once you get the courage. I suppose it is not required to have a date if you are a member of the organization hosting the party, but it is encouraged.

Once you have a date, it’s a great boost to your experience. A date is an ensured companion for the entire party; someone you will have to talk to and get to know throughout the evening. If you have a crush but you’re not sure how to make the first move, a date party is a wonderful way to break the ice and get closer to that special someone. Even if you don’t bring a love interest, you can still bring a friend and have just as good of a time.

Registers are a fantastic way to live the college dream and go crazy every once in a while, but if they are the only parties that you attend, they’ll eventually get dull and repetitive. If you get the chance to go to a date party or other formal event, take it. It’s a great change of pace and can result in a thoroughly satisfying evening for someone looking for a more social and relaxing atmosphere.

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