Common Ground circulates posters as part of new campaign

 Somer Dice

Contributing Writer

The student organization Common Ground has begun circulating posters to initiate conversation among students about the divide between Greek and non-Greek affiliates.

The campaign, called “Imagine a Bucknell where … ” is part of a campaign to call attention to groups that “are sometimes taken for granted by the campus community,” said Ana Aguilera Silva ’14 of the Common Ground Staff of 2013.

Student staff members Silva, Xander Vining ’14 and Anthony Gomez ’16 said in an email to The Bucknellian that there is a common feeling among University students that “Greeks are prevalent in our community and dominate the social scene, while Independents are just here to study.”

Common Ground began advertising to draw attention to the program and encourage students to explore cultural and social issues on campus.

“Greeks and Independents aren’t getting along. We’re just trying to show them we’re all the same,” retreat facilitator Stephanie Gonthier ’15 said.

Common Ground is a student-run diversity immersion retreat that takes place during Fall Break and is designed to expand students’ worldviews surrounding issues like gender, race and socioeconomic standing.

The Common Ground staff said that future posters in the campaign will feature tokenism as well as other racial, social and cultural issues at the University.

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