Hot/Cold Week 8

Hot: Literally, the Buildings

Now that autumn has officially hit, the heat is on. Classes are at their most demanding point of the semester, the social scene is more active than ever and campus activities are leaving no one with any time for sleep. Literally, the heat in the dorms and academic buildings has been turned on and is causing everyone to sweat. People walk to class with sweaters and fleeces, then immediately walk into buildings and rip off their layers to avoid smelling like they’ve spent the entire day at the gym.

Tepid: Homecoming Weekend

Obviously, there are benefits to alumni crawling all over campus for Homecoming Weekend. We get to make professional connections by going to career networking events. They donate money to organizations on campus. All of that is great. But having so many Greek alumni hanging out around the registers and pumping the kegs at downtown parties is a little strange.

Cold: Being Last for Registration

Here at The Bucknellian, we feel the pain of those eagerly anticipating a particular course, whose hopes and dreams for the next semester are crushed when they are locked out of every mildly interesting class.  Unfortunately, this happens mostly to the first-years, but those stuck in their year’s last round of registration are in just as much of a pickle.

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