Letter to the Editor

To the editor,

I would like to clarify some of the information from last week’s editorial concerning social events at Summit House. First, it is important to note that Summit House is simply the name of the building in which Fran’s House, the LGBT and ally affinity housing program, resides. Therefore, the discussion should be focused on Fran’s House hosting social events in Summit House. Second, the editorial claimed that Fran’s House had recently been granted the ability to host registers. This is simply not true. The groundwork for this idea originated from reading the student handbook and seeing what events we could hold within the confines of the rules. Last year’s version of the handbook (this year’s version has, to my knowledge, not yet been printed) states “A social event held in a University-owned facility must be registered by completing a space reservation form from the Events Management Office … in addition a Social Event Registration Form (SERF) must be completed and submitted to secure the approval of the appropriate Dean.” Summit House is a University-owned building, making us eligible to apply for such an event.

Having said this, I would like to make it clear that Fran’s House is strictly in the planning phases of this undertaking with the goal of hosting one nonalcoholic social event this semester to serve as a foundation for the possibility of hosting an alcoholic event in the spring semester. Finally, although the editorial referred to these social events as registers, I would like to clarify that Fran’s House does not aim to emulate Greek organization registers. Our goal is to create an alternative social space for members of the entire University community (both Greek and independent) for those who seek an additional option to Greek social events. Since The Bucknellian’s release last week, I have received a lot of student support (from both Greek and independent individuals) in this endeavor and I am very hopeful for the precedent that these events may set.


Kate Albertini ’14

House Leader, Fran’s House

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