Homecoming host: Jen Lassen


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Madeline Diamond , News Editor

Jen Lassen

Major(s): English (Concentration in Film/Media Studies) and Spanish
Extracurricular Activities on-campus: Undergraduate Executive Internship Program; Concert Committee; Delta Gamma women’s fraternity; Mortar Board, Omicron Delta Kappa, Sigma Tau Delta, and Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Societies; Writer for The Bucknellian Newspaper, Campus Vinyl, and Her Campus (Past: Activities and Campus Events (ACE), Bucknell Student Government (BSG), WVBU 90.5 FM Radio, Building on Foundations Leadership Program)

What is a Homecoming Host?

“A Homecoming Host is a student leader in the senior class first nominated by faculty, staff and administration, then voted on by the student body to represent Bucknell students at Homecoming alumni events, and represent the Alumni Office at other Bucknell alumni events throughout the year.”

Why did you want to be a Homecoming Host?

“I wanted to be a Homecoming Host because it is a very special weekend filled with Bucknellians past and present, and so many exciting events! I applied to be a Homecoming Host after initially being nominated because I wanted the chance to represent the student body during this special weekend. Also, I wanted to integrate myself more deeply in the Bucknell alumni network, and homecoming is the perfect way to get to know Bucknell graduates.”

How do you think this opportunity will benefit you?

“I think this opportunity will benefit me because I will learn about Bucknell’s past and history through interacting with alumni, something I am really excited about and something that means a lot to me. Hopefully, I will make meaningful connections with Bucknell alumni and will be able to give them a good understanding about Bucknell’s present and future, both of which I am equally invested in as a graduating senior.”

Which homecoming event are you most looking forward to?

“I am most looking forward to the Tailgate Tent prior to the football game! I’m so excited to talk with alumni and be with the other hosts as we pump people up for what’s hopefully going to be a great football game (albeit a cold one!).”

What advice would you give to future Homecoming Hosts?

“I would tell them to let their pride for the Orange and Blue shine at all times, even during their senior year! Whether it’s joining a new club their last year on campus, meeting new people through new opportunities, like being a Homecoming Host, or attending different alumni events in the cities or towns where they work after they graduate, it’s so important to remember that Bucknell gives each and every one of us an amazing education and a once-in-a-lifetime, special experience that we should always treasure and appreciate.”

What do you think about the other Homecoming Hosts you are working with?

“I am so thrilled to work with the other Homecoming Hosts and attend the alumni events with them during the weekend and throughout the year. They are all so intelligent, interesting, well-spoken, mature, and fun, and I know we will make a great team.”

What’s your favorite thing about homecoming?

“My favorite thing about homecoming is going to the football game and cheering on the Bison, and also seeing all of my friends who graduated. It’s always a great weekend filled with school spirit and is a meaningful time to reconnect with friends. Plus, I love the fall, so it’s the perfect weekend for me to enjoy being at the game or walking around campus with friends.”

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