Management 101

Madeline Diamond, News Editor

Each semester, the students of Management 101 work together to create and sell a product to students while finding a way to benefit the community. Many students are used to personalized t-shirts and clothing items, although the companies this semester took a new and innovative approach. Tumbler cups, portable phone chargers, bucket hats, and boxers were sold in November. In addition to their on campus sales, students contributed to causes including the Greater Susquehanna Valley YMCA in Milton and the Special Olympics.

Many students commented on how close the members of each company become over the course of the semester through their work together, and how the class holds real-world value.

“I feel as though I am prepared to deal with problems, challenges, and conflicts when I enter the workforce. There are many underlying educational lessons that I have learned by doing instead of looking at notes and studying a bunch of theories and terms,” Christina Martinez ’17 said.

Management 101 introduces students to a variety of positions in areas of business, accounting, and service.

“My specific role was the Vice President of Human Resources Management. In this role, I was responsible for monitoring each aspect of the Human Resources Management Department and overseeing that the company is cohesive, getting along, satisfied, performing, and motivated,” Lizzy Suczewski ’17 said.

Company A created several designs of tumbler cups in order to benefit the Milton YMCA and Lewisburg’s Dreamcatcher Farm. Combining nutrition, sustainability, and community education, Company A visited the Milton YMCA to host a family day to promote healthy eating habits for children.

Additionally, the group bought a farm share for a family in need at the local Dreamcatcher Farm. Company A was able to split their efforts between the YMCA and Dreamcatcher Farm to work with diverse community service interests.

“Working in Apple Pears and Farm Shares was a great experience … I also loved being a part of a group of students that were so dedicated to spread the importance of healthy eating and providing families with food,” Margaret Ekblom ’17 said.

Company B took a technological stance and sold portable phone chargers this semester. The group sold out of its product, which was personalized with the University’s logo.

“Management 101 begins as a class, but over the course of a semester it becomes so much more than that. Suddenly it’s no longer just about a grade—it’s about paying back your vendor, fulfilling the needs of your service clients, interacting with customers, all the while making sure each of your fellow company members are satisfied with their jobs and pulling their weight,” Lizzie Sheprow ’17 said.

For their service project, the students of Company B hosted an event in Lewisburg’s Hufnagle Park to benefit T&D’s Cats of the World, an exotic animal refuge.

“When we visited the site to conduct our service project, I think we were all touched by the efforts of Terry and his team in saving so many animals. We left T&D’s that day with a new appreciation for the establishment, and a great feeling of accomplishment for having contributed to the mission of T&D’s,” Sheprow said.

The students of Company C sold bucket hats that included the University “B” along with the coordinates of the University. The company’s service project worked with the Special Olympics to help kids with special needs. Since Company D had a similar cause, the two groups worked together to host a one-mile walk around campus called “Lights off on the R-Word.” The company also held a scavenger hunt and basketball tournament.

“Management 101 has been my favorite class at Bucknell. I have never been able to know each and every person in a class so well and I absolutely love it. I am so sad that the semester is ending because our company has truly become a family,” Leah Jennings ’17 said.

Company D’s boxers were this semester’s only apparel item for sale. Students marketed the boxers to both male and female students. The Company became known as D2 for B2: Designer Drawers for Best Buddies.

“We partnered with the organization Best Buddies which was founded by Anthony Shriver and it focuses on forming one-on-one relationships with people who have IDD (intellectual developmental disorders),” Carolyn Hickey ’17 said.

The group held three service events to benefit the community: a Harvest Bash carnival in Larison Dining Hall with local children, the “Lights Off on the R-Word” walk with Company C, and an awareness tailgate for the football game against Colgate.


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