Renewable Energy Scholars introduce new series

Mamta Badlani, Contributing Writer

The Renewable Energy Scholars—a student project group supported by the Bucknell Center for Sustainability and the Environment, is hosting a new lecture series on campus. The first lecture was held on Jan. 29 in the ELC Walls Lounge, featuring Assistant Professor of Markets, Innovation & Design Jonathan Bean, who spoke about Passive House design and Assistant Professor of Management Seth Orsborn, who discussed the Solar Decathlon competition.

With the increasing prominence of renewable energy and sustainability in the media, the University has implemented campus greening initiatives to make the campus more self-sustainable. Grants from the Sustainable Energy Fund’s Solar Scholars Program have allowed the University to maintain three photovoltaic arrays—power generating units on campus.

A 2.5-kilowatt solar array, installed in August 2006, serves as a power source for the Bucknell Center for Sustainability and the Environment. There are two other arrays as well as a solar thermal unit installed in Bucknell West. Most recently, in 2013 a 900-watt wind turbine was installed near the Center for Sustainability. These topics as well as other greening initiatives will be discussed in the lecture series.

To further promote green initiatives, the lecture series will educate students about the benefits of renewable energy technology. Speakers will promote the different forms of renewable energy that faculty and alumni are currently studying and developing. This will inform students about projects that faculty members are involved in.

Students will also be able to gain more information from alumni working in the field of renewable energy.

Future lecture topics include energy-efficient Passive House design, renewable energy from ocean thermal and tidal sources, bio-fuels in the form of algae, waste-derived fuels, and experimental solar energy designs.

“Our speakers include professors from Bucknell’s School of Management and College of Engineering, as well as Bucknell alumni working in the field of renewable energy,”Director of the Sustainable Design Program Dina El-Mogazi said.

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