Bison Sound rocks Sojka

Mamta Badlani, Staff Writer

The University held its first annual Bison Sound music festival on April 18 from 4-9 p.m. on the Sojka Lawn. The music and arts festival transported students to California, reflecting an authentic Coachella vibe. Performers included student groups among headliners: Great Good Fine Ok, Mainland, and The Rooks.

Temperatures that rose well into the 70s, Flying Bison crowd favorites, and talented musicians provided students with a memorable experience.

“This was a huge success, and from the feedback we received at the event, something Bucknellians want to see continue,” Director of Campus Activities and Programs Mike Duignan said.

As an event organized by students from start to finish, Bison Sound exemplifies what students can accomplish.

“I’m proud to say that Bison Sound’s inaugural run was a success–and the weather could not have been better. Though there was limited funding (much less than traditional events like Fall Fest and Chrysalis), we were creative in our planning to get the most out of the budget,” CJ Moy ’15, a member of the event committee, said.

The planning committee consisted of members from Common Ground, Uptown, Activities & Campus Events (ACE), Campus Vinyl, Art Collective, Outdoor Education and Leadership (OEL), The Bucknellian, Concert Committee, Bucknell Student Government (BSG), and the CAP Center. With well over a thousand attendees, including students, faculty, staff, alumni, and prospective students with their families, the event was considered a success.

In order to ensure that the event provided proper entertainment, the bands were selected via student suggestions from the committee. A survey was then sent out to gather student feedback, guaranteeing that the appropriate musical groups were chosen.

With seniors focused on graduation and underclassmen concerned with finals and summer internships, Bison Sound provided students with ample opportunity to relax and enjoy the weather.

“Looking at the event it made me smile because there has been so much happening on campus this year, but during this event students were able to just enjoy the moment. Moments like this are why I got into the field of Student Affairs,” Duignan said.

Next year, students can expect to have a similar experience, but with minor improvements. The committee hopes to bring in new students and different talents.

“Next year we hope to have more money in order to get more music, bigger production, more food, more art, and more activities. I will be graduating in May, but I certainly hope to see other groups invited to the committee so we can expand the festival and make it a signature Bucknell event,” Moy said.

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